What’s the Best Way to Get Started as a Web Developer

Technology is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. The internet in particular is a technological marvel that continues to make life easier for billions of people worldwide, and that’s only going to keep expanding and becoming more useful. 

With the above in mind, it’s no surprise that trained web developers are in a huge demand and tend to be paid considerably more than their counterparts in other fields. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that coding in general and web development in particular is the profession of the future.

And best of all: unlike most other lucrative careers, coding doesn’t require you to acquire a student debt and spend years in university. In fact, it’s possible to turn a total newbie into a working programmer in just a few months. How? That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Full-time Coding Bootcamps Are The Way To Go

There are two main ways to learn coding: you can either attend a specialized university, or you can enlist in a quality coding bootcamp that teaches you everything you need to land a job as a web developer. 

Needless to say, a bootcamp is far less expensive and time-consuming than a university. This ensures huge savings over the long term, as you’ll be able to avoid student debt and start making money a lot earlier. To learn more about how these bootcamps work, click here

Here’s what you should look for in an intensive programming bootcamp:

  • Extensive theoretical lessons. World-class bootcamps include at least 3 months of theoretical lessons and exercises taught by experienced teachers. Furthermore, they also tend to include pair programming exercises that are designed to teach you how to work as a team. 
  • Internship. Real world working experience is crucial for your education and your ability to get a job as a programmer. Your bootcamp of choice should include a month-long internship at a reputable tech company that gives you an opportunity to establish crucial industry contacts.
  • Versatile curriculum. A dependable bootcamp gives you the full skill set you need to become a full-stack developer. This should include the fundamentals of web development (HTML and CSS), at least one front-end and one back-end language, and a variety of useful tools, frameworks, and databases. 
  • Online lessons. Being able to attend classes remotely is extremely important for some students, as it can save time and make learning easier. Don’t forget to check if your chosen bootcamp offers this option before you apply. 
  • Career management. Top-of-the-line coding academies employ dedicated Career Service Management coaches whose job it is to help their students find jobs, identify their passions, and establish a strong foothold in the tech industry. 

Can You Learn To Code On Your Own?

A couple decades ago, the world of programming was still in its early years and smart individuals without a prior coding education were still able to figure things out on their own and create incredible apps and websites. Much has changed since those times. 

We understand coding as a whole a lot better now. As a result, it’s no longer enough to simply write working code: you also need to make it maintainable and efficient. Furthermore, most developers work in companies that rely on teamwork and require an in-depth problem-solving mindset.

You aren’t going to get any of these skills if you learn to code on your own. To make matters worse, you’re likely to adopt bad programming habits, develop a “lone ranger” mentality instead of learning how to be a part of a team, and end up writing code that’s difficult or impossible to maintain.